Last Day 19th

Hi..tonight is October 8th, 22:59.
60mins+1 away from twenties..I'm now widely awaken, waiting for..or maybe looking for a feeling of difference.
Is there any certain significant feeling when turning teen age to (let's say) a mature age?

One thing for sure, I am grateful for everything. Every bitterness and every laughter, they are all strengthen me and help me to grow up.I thank God, for I have a great God like Jesus Christ, who always give me the best.
My family; mama, papa, christo and monic, no matter how imperfect its form, but they are the best in my life.
My friends, they are thousands out there and I thank God. Wherever I go, God provides me such a lovely friends as a companionship, singapore and here, I love them and I miss them.
and then to a very special one, my beloved ryan, who faithfully support me in everything I do, love me unconditionally. He is the greatest gift God ever gifted to me in my life.

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