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Jilly Gabriella Eman/IA - 100613009

Been so busy lately and have no time to write. My last post recorded on July while now last day on September. Too much things to write too little energy.

In fact I got so much things in my mind to share.

I started my new college here (Manado, red), since I came back to my hometown last year, and now studying international business administration in UNSRAT (Universitas Sam Ratulangi) Manado.

This is actually one of my assignment: make a blog and post something about IBA life. Thats why on the very top one I wrote my identity.

Well..let's start.

College, for me, is a place where you can find bunch of friends there, but the real school actually is not collage itself but life. Be a part of IBA is a pleasure. I've got plenty friends and knowledge that I've never got before.

IBA has a loooooot of events, such as IBA Night, IBA weekend, IBA expo, etc. I never imagine how do they manage it. But it simply proofs that they are able to afford it. Unfortunately I cant join every single event, cause I live in Tomohon and to be effective I must eliminate activities which is not really useful for me to involved. Beside, studying while working is not that easy.

The curriculum is not much different with NAFA (my college before, red). It has certain amount of credits that have to be fulfilled by the end of the semester. The earliest class starts from 7 o'clock in the morning up to 1 o'clock in the afternoon and even 3 o'clock in the evening.

IBA freshie class divided to 4 classes; IA, IB, IC, and ID. Actually there's nothing differenced it, just a way to divide student into classes.

The rest collage stuff, I think, is totally the same with any other collage and faculty we generally known. My goal is, study hard and graduate as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and stay touched! :)

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