Let It Be His Time

Have u ever think about suicide? I was once, thinking about it every single day. Without considering the effect, thinking whatever. Imagine how stressed I was.
But I've learned something thru this opportunity: do not decide something too quickly and in a hurry condition of a high emotion. It won't be a good decision ever.
Just face it with a lil patience (bcos I'm not a patient) and u'll see some moving of ur life wheel. U'll find many way out. And it talks about time. Bcos, we know, everything has its limit. Whether u did it perfectly or not, in effort or even whatever, sooner or later u'll pass it. Believe me. Just hold on for a moment.
Today, I don't care what people say, I'm happy to be myself, grateful to be here, at least God never leave me and it's powerfull u know, my life keep to be good with a lil difference. He gave me chances to enjoy something that u may not? Who knows :) and tommorrow? It must be great, I might be worth the waiting. And of course He knows when the best time of it :)

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